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Zenph Smart Sports T-Shirt

  • Brand: Zenph
  • Model: HW102201
  • What is it: Smart sports shirt
  • Release date: July 2019
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Analysis of Zenph Smart Sports T-Shirt

Xiaomi continues to invest heavily in the sale of intelligent products in all sectors. Today we have a new gadget aimed at sports, specifically cycling. The Zenph Smart Sports T-Shirt is a smart jersey that incorporates a Zenph heart rate monitor in the chest area.

Its design is based on SensElast 3D, the technology used to keep the back upright. In addition to calculating your heart rate during sports, it is also able to show you your lung capacity and distance traveled. All this information is collected and sent in real-time via Bluetooth 4.2 to our smartphone which records the data and analyzes it in the app.

We have a chip autonomy of 110 hours, and we can recharge it in a very easy way, through a micro USB connection. On the other hand, it is a completely washable garment and has breathable, quick-drying fabrics designed for intensive sports practice. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

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6 reviews

no english in softwear

As I understand, I need to phone call to China to register software. I am not in China and have problem to set up this shirt

It's very comfortable to wear, I haven't exercised yet, I'm just reading the data and it's great.

I received the package and tried it on, it fits me well. The system installation operation is simple and is quickly installed and registered on the phone. It is just a clothing sample, please wash it quickly and wait a moment to wear.

The compression effect is very strong, it generates some itchiness from sweat although the muscles are fully enveloped and the heart rate monitoring is accurate and the Apple Watch connects well, the calorie calculation is accurate. I like to use it every day!

The clothes are very comfortable to wear, and the smart hardware is good too, although the software is still under exploration.

The quality of sportswear is good, the quantity of smart monitoring is good, and the price is good.


The problem is that the software to use it requires a code sent to my phone, which is impossible to register because it does not allow me to enter the code of my country, Argentina, which is +54.

It seems that the app will only work outside of China if you sign in using WeChat or QQ.

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