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Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Pro


Product nameModel numberLaunchingWhat is it
Brand: Yuemi
Product name Mechanical Keyboard Pro
Other names Yuemi Pro MK02 Keyboard
Model number MK02
Launching 2017
Logo Yuemi
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What is it Teclado mecánico


Medidas 357 x 129 x 32 mm
Peso 880 g
Tipo de teclado Mecánico
Modelo de eje Cherry eje rojo
Número de teclas 87
Conectividad Type-C
Retroiluminación Blanca
Compatibilidad Windows, Mac


AliExpress - Xiaomi MiSmart Store
Ventas: 2
Precio: USD 197.13 − USD 197.13
AliExpress - Mijia 3C Store
Ventas: 0
Precio: USD 160.12 − USD 160.12



The Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Pro is a peripheral, in this case a keyboard, oriented for PC and that mounts a total of 87 keys on mechanical buttons TTC Red with Cherry Red axes thinking of the gamers, with the promise of experiencing a low sound in each keystroke, something wonderful for those people who can not stand the sound or for those occasions where we do not want to bother late at night.

These mechanical buttons are placed on a 6 Series anodized aluminium chassis (aluminium only). It has dimensions of 357 x 129 x 32 mm and a 1.6 meter USB cable that can be removed for easy transport. It has a 32-bit ARM processor, a 1000 Hz polling rate, an LED backlight system with four levels of intensity (with only the possibility of lighting in white) and legs to adjust its angle up to 6 º.

It is available in two colors: black and white. The USB connection to the keyboard is Type C, so any recent Android phone charger will do to connect the keyboard to the computer. It is compatible with both Windows 10 and MacOS. It should be noted that this is a keyboard without a Bluetooth connection, so a wired connection is essential for its operation.

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