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Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

  • Brand: Yeelight
  • Model: YLYD04YI
  • What is it: Night light with wireless charging
  • Release date: january 2019
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22.5 x 8 x 4.35 cm
Color temperature
2700 K - 5000 K
General functions
Wireless charging base combined with a small night light; Two types of light.
Battery capacity
500 mAh
Battery life
24 hours
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Analysis of Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

In this case, Yeelight offers a night lamp, a night light type, but with features that can be very interesting. In addition to maintaining the minimalist design to which we are accustomed, there are curious elements, such as that the base and the light itself are separated. The light says that it has 2 lighting modes, one with cold light (bluer) at 5000K and another with warm light (more yellow) at 2700K.

Of course, we do not forget the most important part of this product, and it is that it is a wireless charging base for your smartphone (if it supports it, of course). It has a variable output power of 5 and 10W, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of brands and models.

Finally, we have to comment that the light has a built-in 500 mAh battery, which that gives it an autonomy of almost 24 hours in a row. To function as a charging base, it goes without saying that the base must be connected to the electrical network. This battery is more oriented to the moments in which a blackout or power cut occurs so that the lamp continues to work for a while, but its recommended normal operation is connected to the current given the limited capacity of the battery. Its dimensions are 220 x 80 x 43.5 mm with the light part mounted.

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