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Yeelight Serene Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp

  • Brand: Yeelight
  • Model: YLTD03YL
  • What is it: Table Lamp
  • Release date: 2018
  • Other names: LED Eye-care Table Lamp, Muse
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50 x 33 x 20 cm
2250 g
Color temperature
3700 K
850 LM
General functions
Smart-touch enabled; adaptive brightness; adjustable stand; APP control.
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Analysis of Yeelight Serene Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp

The Yeelight Serene Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp is an eye-friendly desk lamp. It is perfect for the use of the whole family, even for children, since its serene, uniform, warm light, and its low blue light emissions take care of eye health. It has a resistant and modern design, with a heavy, non-slip base, and a mobile arm with a patented 7-point rotary design, for greater comfort and adjustment, allowing direct lighting with minimal glare.

It has a touch panel to turn on / off, as well as intelligent control with the Mi Home or Yeelight Apps. From here you can configure a reminder of use, for example, so that the little ones do not have it on continuously for too long.

It is a lamp with no strobe that keeps the luminous flux constant over time, keeping eye fatigue to a minimum. From the base, it has an elbow with a width of 70º, while the upper elbow, which joins the arm with the bulb receptacle, is totally mobile and has a width of up to 180º.

Its dimensions are of The base is 20 cm long, the arm 50 cm high, and the bulb receptacle 33 cm high. Its weight is 2.25 kg and its color temperature is 3700 K for a maximum brightness of 850 lm. The power of the LEDs is 14 W.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

It is very easy to use. It's a great light and most of all it has a proper brightness.

The light is very good, much more than you can imagine. It is of high quality.

It is a fairly powerful light source. It is very practical, comfortable and profitable. Worth it.

The lamp is good. It works well.

The lamp looks solid. It is heavy enough that there is no need to hold it at every turn. The top of the lamp is completely made of plastic. The lighting is comparable to other Xiaomi, but due to its LED, the lighting in this one seems more uniform. In general, it is only annoying that the lamp cannot change the temperature of the light, otherwise it is good.


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