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Popcorn Children's Snow Boots

  • Brand: Popcorn
  • Model: XPXIE1012
  • What is it: Kids snow boots
  • Release date: october 2019
  • Other names: Popcorn Children Snow Boots
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Analysis of Popcorn Children's Snow Boots

This is a product intended for the smallest of the house, winter boots that are available in two colors: brown and black. They have seams in different areas to give personality to the design and originality, in addition to the typical small strap to the heel to be able to hang them in a closet.

The exterior is made of a plastic material that imitates hair, of soft appearance, while the sole is made of plastic material, but rubbery, with a pattern whose function will be to hold the feet to the ground (not the ideas) and prevent slipping between races. They are unisex and have a zip on the inside of each of the boots.

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