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Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: LSC-M1S
  • What is it: Doorbell
  • Release date: March 2022
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Analysis of Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S

The Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S is equipped with a 5-inch IPS LCD screen and a 1080P camera.

The 5' IPS screen adopts IPS LCD screen, and the tempered glass is fully laminated. The viewing angle is larger and the image is clearer. When someone rings the doorbell, the screen automatically displays the image outside the door, which is convenient for the elderly and children to look at the door. The screen inside the door supports the display of limited number and weather information.

1080P high-definition camera, with 1080P high-definition camera, F2.0 large aperture, bringing more light and clearer image quality.

7*24 hours front door monitoring, the mobile phone will receive an alarm notification when the alarm is triggered, you can remotely view the status of the front door, and you can also enable remote video call intercom.

Built-in 8000mAh lithium battery, long battery life. Embedded operating system can be set, capture faster, lower power consumption, standard mode and real-time display mode, equipped with Type-C charging port, charging is more convenient. 6 months of battery life in standard mode, 3 months of battery life in real-time view mode.

160° wide angle lens out of the door, wider control range out of the door.

High-definition night vision, 4 940nm infrared fill lights, with high-sensitivity sensor, no red exposure at night, clear and undisturbed.

Al human body detection video, equipped with customized PIR human body induction sensor, people outside the door immediately trigger video and send alarm notification, with Al human body detection algorithm, effectively reducing false alarms caused by non-human bodies and missing shots when someone is in front of the door.

Voice change call, start a video call through the Mijia app, and you can choose the voice change function and intercom for visitors outside the door when you are home alone. At the same time, it supports quick responses such as 'please put the express at the door', and you can also customize the voice response.

Support local cloud storage, and the records when the network is disconnected are saved to the local Micro SD card. After the network is restored, it can be uploaded to the cloud, and the records when disconnected from the network are not lost. Watch the video in the cloud and Micro SD card through the Mijia app. H.265 video encoding protocol, smoother live streaming, faster video loading, and smaller footprint.

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Xiaomi LSC-M1S

This model was launched in China March 2022 to my knowledge it's not available globally yet. The device has to connected to MI home app for set up and region has Chinese Mainland not to your preference country or else it can never be pair up. Video resolution and motion detecting is good but audio voice is poor. Mainland server is lagging and at times lost connection. Live streaming is poor too given the RSSI strength of 43 and wifi signal of 71%. If switch to 24hours protection surveillance battery depleted within 5 days unless set to schedule surveillance can last up to 10 days or more. I hope the mainland server can be improved further for glaobal buyers like myself.


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