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Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot 2

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: V-RVCLM21B
  • What is it: Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Release date: also scrubs
  • Other names: Viomi V2, Viomi Vacuum Pro
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350 x 350 x 94.5 mm
3.3 kg
2150 Pa
Dust capacity
500 ml
Water capacity
500 ml
14.8 V
Battery type
Lithium-ion battery
150 minutes
Battery capacity
3200 mAh
69-76 dB
General functions
LDS sensor for mapping; remote and manual control; large particle absorption
Grey, Black
Charging time
4 hours
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Analysis of Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot 2

Viomi is a brand that generally produces appliances dedicated to the kitchen. But it also joins the fray within the landscape of smart cleaning appliances. It launches, in this way, the second generation of the Viomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot, the smart vacuum cleaner that comes with a number of specifications that will result in a marked improvement over its predecessor.

The package includes the robot with a filter and cleaning tool already installed, the charging base, European charger, 2 extra brushes, the water tank, and two cleaning covers for drying wet surfaces as it can scrub. The water tank is 500 ml.

It is available in a single black color with dark gray and turquoise touches. At the top, it has the high-precision laser (which we'll talk about a little later) and the on/off button. When we open it we find a small brush along with the cleaning filters, this tool will help us to maintain the maximum performance of our robot. On the back, it has an air outlet, which will cool the device while it is in operation, along with the charging connectors and the speaker.

It will have LDS laser measurement to know what is the area of the room, there will be the possibility of delimiting prohibited areas to which the vacuum cleaner can not access, all with a virtual map. In addition, we will be able to program the cleaning of certain areas at certain times. It can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

If we look at the current landscape of cleaning devices we see that Viomi devices are far behind the devices launched by Xiaomi. Not only is it difficult to keep track of the Chinese giant, but it is also difficult to cause a great sense of euphoria in the public with a new product.

The robot is 35 cm in diameter and 9.5 cm high.

Our visitors reviews

10 reviews

This vacuum / mop is good for general maintenance cleaning, nothing more. It is fun to watch. 5 stars for entertainment value at least.

The robotic vacuum and mop are excellent. Very good at getting around obstacles and so far it is returning to its place after every cleaning

Installation is easy. Cleaning performance is decent. It's not going to beat a good household vacuum, but it is surprisingly good.

This thing is amazing. We have four dogs and two cats. All long hair, all shed hair, all the time. It was impossible to keep up with cleaning. This thing cleans every day and comes back with a bucket full of skin and powder. EVERY TIME! It has multiple speeds and is easily used via my smartphone.

The first impression is very good: it does not constantly hit here or there. It works logically and collects dust / trash / pollen.

Too quiet. It allows me to work in adjoining rooms without noise. It also doesn't bother or alarm my dog.

The mapping is really accurate and the operation is generally correct.

The setup is simple and the performance decent, but keep in mind that conventional vacuum cleaners work better for the moment.

We are really impressed with the off-road capability of this product.

I love this robot. When I pair it with my iPhone, I will enjoy it like a girl.


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