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Viomi Smart Kettle

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: YM-K1503
  • What is it: Water boiler
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of Viomi Smart Kettle

Viomi surprises us again from the Asian continent with, increasingly, products for the home, especially for the kitchen. We speak of the Viomi Smart Kettle, a kettle more than satisfactory according to tests. In its package, it comes well protected and only in two pieces, the jug itself that incorporates the temperature control and the base, the cornerstone of this kettle.

Its manufacture is based on 304 stainless steel inside along with high-density plastic that perfectly insulates the heat to prevent us from burning when the water comes out boiling. Its capacity is 1.5 liters and weighs 1.3 kg with dimensions of 21.6 cm high and 14.5 in diameter.

Thanks to its 1800W power, it will allow us to heat its maximum capacity in less than 5 minutes. In addition, we will be able to see the temperature of the liquid in its magnificent OLED display located on the handle and below it, we will find the two control buttons. The upper one heats the water up to 100ºC and the lower one heats from 50ºC to 90ºC.

Each button has an orange LED indicator that stays on while the kettle heats. Pressing for three seconds with the LED on will turn it off. To open the lid and avoid the risk of burns, Viomi has already thought about it and incorporates a mechanical button on the top of the handle that will allow us to open the lid halfway.

Thanks to its insulation system, we can store the corresponding liquid hot for 12 long hours at a temperature of 50ºC. It also has three protection modes to prevent short circuits and possible accidents. As soon as it reaches the programmed temperature, it turns off automatically, turning on again if the temperature of the liquid decreases.

To finish we will talk about connectivity, this device is integrated under the Mijia environment of Xiaomi through the Mi Home App, therefore it has Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

It's great. The quality of the materials is up to par. The only negative: it does not connect to the Mi Home application.

It works through the Mi Home app, you just need to change the country settings.

It looks great and the build quality is good, although the handle sometimes makes a slight noise when the kettle is full or you collect water. The connection to the Mi Home app only worked when I selected the UK (I didn't try other European countries). The boil and heat task works very well. The LCD screen shows the water temperature and beeps when the kettle is complete. Protection works great too. Great product overall.

It's excellent. The kettle maintains the temperature. The only negative: it is not compatible with the Mi Home app, yet.

Very good product. Heating is slow. The Mi Home app is not compatible with it yet, but I think it will be soon.


Hi. I have a question for those who used this kettle. Is the steel inside the kettle not rusted or black spots due to heat?