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Viomi Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: YM-R4001A
  • What is it: Hot water dispenser
  • Release date: 2017
  • Other names: Yunmi Smart Hot Water Dispenser
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Analysis of Viomi Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

A new hot water dispenser manufactured by Viomi. This model is available in one color, white. This makes it combine well with virtually any shade that dominates the decor of our kitchen. It consists of two pieces. The first is the main body, where we find the water dispenser tap, the hole to deposit the glass or container, quite spacious and useful for large cups. At the top, we find an indicator, useful for displaying the temperature at which the water is. It also has touch buttons to perform different actions. The second part is the 4-liter tank.

The device has three main operating modes: water at room temperature, hot water at a specific temperature (configurable), and hot water at 100 ºC. The first of the modes can be accessed by means of a button on its left side, while the third one will be activated by pressing the special button on the right side of the device's body. The configurable mode can be used by means of the group of touch buttons on the upper part.

On the other hand, it incorporates a water quality meter. This information can be displayed through an app that will be synchronized with the device and will also alert us when it is time to renew the water charge, as well as some breakdowns. Another sensor can notify of the water level, notifying the moment when the load is empty, and it is time to remove the tank and add a new one. It has a mode of blocking to prevent improper use, perhaps by the smallest of the house.

It can heat at a rate of 20 liters per hour, and its consumption is 0.05 kWh per day. Its power is 2050 W and comes ready to connect to 220 V sockets (although it will be necessary to consult if the adapter is European).

Our visitors reviews

7 reviews

The only thing I would like is a taller glass holder, as at high temperatures the water sprays strongly in different directions. And it would be nice to have instructions in English. Despite this, I am very satisfied.

Great heater. It is much faster than the kettle. Recommended.

I love. Its design is impressive. Advantages: Design, silent and price. Disadvantages: no manual or instructions in English.

The first few times the water tastes like plastic, after that it has no taste.

This product is amazing! We drink a lot of tea at my house, so we use a lot of water. You put cold water on, you press a button and hot water comes out.

Impressive, really. The room temperature reaches 100 degrees so you can make your coffee instantly.

It works very fast and it is silent. It looks great with other Xiaomi products. You can adjust the temperature without using the app. Just press plus or minus in custom mode. The cable is not removable.


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