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Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: JSQ25-VGW132 / JSQ25-VGW163
  • What is it: Water heaters connected to the internet
  • Release date: 2018
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Analysis of Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A

Once again, Viomi, one of the eco-friendly companies around Xiaomi, has something to show us, this is the Viomi Smart Gas Water Heater 1A, a water heater that incorporates the main chamber with a gas burner that converts the chemical energy provided by the gas to heat including, in addition, energy-saving features.

The device has a water inlet pipe connected directly to the house water supply along with a hot water outlet and a gas inlet valve in the center. Its operation is based on a start where cold water flows into the heater when a tap is opened in hot water position, there come into play the smart sensors that turn on the gas burner to, immediately, let the hot water flow.

One of the great advantages of the Smart Gas Water Heater 1A is its ease of installation. It can be mounted on the wall as long as there is a space of 600 mm above and below and 250 mm on the sides. It has a flow rate of 13 liters being able to supply the same amount per minute capable of meeting the needs of very large families. Furthermore, it is worth noting the incorporation of a digital LED display that shows the water temperature in real-time and allows you to exercise intelligent control to adjust the temperature from a smartphone.

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The heater is very good and the temperature control is easy to adjust. Installation was quick, although the first time I scratched the glass. This water heater is worth what it costs. See how durable it is.

Well installed it is of very high value. Installing it well is the most important thing. Its maintenance must be very careful. It helps to solve the problem of the aesthetics of gas pipes.


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