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Viomi Smart Fan

  • Brand: Viomi
  • What is it: Fan
  • Release date: 2018
  • Other names: DC Frecuency Control Floor Fan
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365 x 355 ( 845 x 1055 ) mm
220 V - 50 Hz
24 W
4 kg
Body material
General functions
Quiet soft power saving; Voice control; 5 meters effective distance control.
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Analysis of Viomi Smart Fan

Probably, if people tell you about a smart fan, it will seem absurd to buy one if you have a conventional one, but I assure you that after this brief analysis you will consider it. Today we are going to talk about that, yes, a fan baptized as Viomi Smart Fan. If we look at the design, we will see a very "Asian-style" construction, that is, a very minimalist white finish and without unnecessary ornaments beyond the company logo.

It has a weight of 4 kg. and a variable height between 84.5 and 105.5 centimeters. It houses a power of 24W, under a 7-blade design that smooths and regulates the air output for greater user comfort.

Now let's talk about all those features that the Viomi Smart Fan offers with respect to a conventional fan. To begin with, I will highlight the existence of an app for our smartphone that will allow us to perform certain functions. The voice control will allow us to turn on/off, raise/lower the intensity and set a timer without having to get up from the couch.

To finish, it is worth noting one of the advantages that will attract more buyers, its totally silent operation, to enjoy cool air on hot summer nights without noise that disturbs our dreams.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

This fan is beautiful and quiet. You can choose a different air mode with the app, the natural one is good to avoid heat. The only bad thing is that I bought an internal battery because the description says that I did not have it, but yes.

Another fan of the well-known company. Silent and fully functional. Assembling it is easy. The only drawback for me is that it lacks the English language, but the control of the device is intuitive enough. Programming a format with the Mi Home application is simple. Excelent product.

Excellent fan. Super quiet to cool off at home on hot days. Ideal for working hours and low noise. It has to connect with the Mi Home application and it also has temperature sensors. Recommended despite being expensive.

Original Xiaomi Mijia quality fan. Very good build, very quiet, and good smart features. Only at maximum speed is the air strong. Perfect integration to work with the Mi Home system. Very good air flow. A little expensive.

At first it was a bit difficult to get the Mi Home app working because my locale was "Europe" and I had to change it to "Mainland China" to be able to add the "Xiaomi Mijia DC Fan" on my devices and in the end it worked fine. I can remotely control all functions: axis direction (Fixed or continuous movement), blow mode (Natural, Straight or Continuous), turn on or off the light and sound of the device (Does not disturb at night), program the timer, etc. The build quality is excellent and the most important feature of this fan is the natural mode, which blows like a light breeze in absolute silence, so you can sleep peacefully with the fan on. Throughout the night you sleep without catching a cold or being awakened by a cold, dry wind. It is the best fan I have ever bought!


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