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Viomi Smart Blender

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: VBH122
  • What is it: Blender
  • Release date: 2018
  • Other names: Smart Mixer Broken Food Processor Machine
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Analysis of Viomi Smart Blender

The Viomi VBH122 is a blender with a smart interface that will establish a connection with your smartphone through an application to make all kinds of smoothies, purées, or sauces.

What do we expect from the design? Elegant and minimalist, as it could not be otherwise. It is ideal for any type of kitchen with black tones for the body where the motor control is located, with a metallic strip that stands out at sight. Continuing towards the top we will see a glass container with relief that facilitates ergonomics, to finish with a shiny gray lid.

Its dimensions are 23.60 x 22.10 x 49.40 cm with a total weight of 6.1 kg. Inside it can hold a total of 1750 ml of cold liquids and 1200 ml of hot liquids. Its 1000W power motor allows you to make all types of juices regardless of the size or hardness of the ingredients.

The Viomi VBH122, comes with 8 common modes and 4 available modes, which gives the user the possibility to have a variety of methods of usage to be able to make any variety of juices, smoothies, frappés, or sauces by simply selecting one of its settings.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

In addition to the exquisite workmanship, it treats food delicately. It is not silent at all.

After a while I have realized that it is really affordable. I made soy milk and it was very delicate and rich. It is a good machine, although the noise problem needs to be improved. The material is strong, the quality is very good, and it is convenient to connect to the network.

This machine rotates very well and has a good texture. Try making thick soy milk. The taste is delicate and smooth. It is not recommended to use the machine during the rest period of the neighbors, although it is a silent version, it is still somewhat noisy, but it is definitely worth the price. Bottom line: affordable and easy to use.

Brilliant! The sound is low. It does not leave slag, but it does leave soft and delicious foods. I bought two for my companions and immediately used them when I arrived. Everyone thinks like me!

High quality and fine workmanship. The instructions are easy to understand. Now I make juice, soy milk, fish soup ... It's a success. The noise of the machine is not too loud, because the motor requires high speed.


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