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Viomi High-Speed Blender

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: YM-BH01
  • What is it: Professional blender
  • Release date: 2018
  • Other names: Smart Blender
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Analysis of Viomi High-Speed Blender

Viomi, the Chinese specialist in kitchen gadgets is back with the Viomi High-Speed Blender, a professional high-speed blender that you can buy in elegant black color and that will fit very well in your kitchen. Its dimensions are 236 x 250 x 494 mm with a total weight of 6.1 kg. When we receive the package, we find it just inside the blender and a small user manual.

It has a capacity to store 1750 ml of cold drink, while, if it is hot, it will be able to store less, 1200 ml. It has a rated voltage of 220V, rated power of 50 Hz, and a heating power of 800W. If we talk about the shaking power, it is a 1000W motor driven on a stainless steel-toothed blade, thus presenting itself as one of the most aggressive blenders on the market by decimating any food regardless of its size, thickness or hardness.

Through the application for our cell phone, we will be able to activate the automatic isolation function. By default, the time can be set remotely. The melting mode and standby start function can be set on the device or app.

Our visitors reviews

10 reviews

Very good, easy to use, the sound is not loud. It maintains temperatures very well. The connection with the Mijia App is very fast.

It rotates at a high speed. I keep testing it.

In addition to the exquisite workmanship, everything is well blended. Of course, the sound is not low.

I had my eye on this machine. The price is good and it was decisive to buy it. I made a thick soy, peanut and walnut milk; left no slag. Good product.

I have paid a lot of attention to this machine and it broken for a long time. I think the price is really affordable. I think the noise should be a little lower. The overall material is strong, the quality is very good, the network connection is convenient, and the temperature preservation effect is good.

You can break even a wall with the power of this machine ... Great!

It works very well and is quite powerful. The problem is noise.

The separation of the cups is very hygienic. The price, I think, is totally reasonable. But not everything is good: the sound is very strong. The first time I used it it even scared me and it made my son cry.

The packaging is very good. It doesn't leave a lot of food particles, but the sound is louder than other blenders. The general feeling is good.

The presentation is very good. The box is big. It works fine and I have not encountered any problems with it. I made sweet potato paste, soy milk, there are no particles in the glass. The sound is loud, but I still have no complaints from the neighbors.


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