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Viomi Electric Kettle

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: MH1Z-A / MH1Z-B
  • What is it: Electric kettle
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Other names: Super Energy Filter Kettle
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Analysis of Viomi Electric Kettle

It is a water jug that also filters the dirt that can carry the tap water of our city without removing the nutrients and minerals present in fresh drinking water.

Its capacity reaches up to 3 and a half liters, an acceptable capacity for a meal of several people. We shouldn't have to refill it for the entire meal unless we are having a rather spicy meal... In that case or any other case in which you need to refill the jug, it is important to keep in mind that it is not necessary to remove the top lid to refill it, with separating the top cap from the entire body is more than enough.

On the handle, it has an indicator of the filter status. This indicator will serve to notify the ideal time to change the filter, which is usually about every six weeks. Filtering time is kept to a minimum thanks to the three holes in the filter container. It will remove up to 99% of heavy metals and residual chlorine.

The construction materials are AS and ABS plastics.

Our visitors reviews

9 reviews

It has a careful and meticulous design, it is a very good product I like it!

With this jug I feel safe. I am used to using it every day.

Filtering is too fast. Cooking is fine, but the taste of the water is not as good as it would be with a purifier.

Not bad, not bad ... I just started using it and I like it. I can not know its effect, it is only a jug with a filter ... I think I bought a psychological comfort hahaha

Not bad. There is a similar one in Mi's family, but this pitcher has a sanitizing stick and can still be filled. The combination is: pre-filter, purifier and dispenser. With that combination it is safe to drink water.

Excellent quality. Very nice presentation. High quality material.

Design and quality. Filtering speed. Capacity about 2.5 liters, without filter like 4.5.

At home we drink a lot of water and by then we understood. How to live in a big city and tap water is not a win, we decided to buy this Viomi, because it has the addition of ultraviolet light. It works well.

Works! The taste of the water is good, of good quality and design. The UV lamp is futuristic and you need to charge it every week. The capacity is more than enough. It is a good buy. It really filters. The quality of materials and design is excellent. The price is expensive.


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