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Viomi Countertop Heater

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: VXNF01
  • What is it: Ceramic heating portable
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Other names: Yunmi Countertop Intelligent Thermostatic Control Heater
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Analysis of Viomi Countertop Heater

The pace of Eastern production goes by leaps and bounds and if we think that something has not been invented, we will be wrong because they will have already done it. Today I come to talk about a device as simple as a smart thermostatic heater, the Viomi Countertop Heater.

With a rounded design on a base in matte white and orange details, with a construction in ABS plastic, this heater comes with dimensions of 11.60 x 11.60 x 21.20 cm for a total weight of just over 1 kg. Its intelligent system allows for extreme speed heating thanks to its 220V rated voltage, 5o Hz rated frequency and about 600W of rated power.

In addition, it incorporates glare-free PTC ceramic heating so as not to disturb. It also incorporates automatic temperature control to allow us the luxury of switching off without having the worry of turning off the device. Of course, the Viomi Countertop Heater features duality between hot and cold air. Its air filter will be easy to remove for quick and easy cleaning.

According to tests, the heater is somewhat noisy if we intend to spend the night with it. Even so it is presented as a great alternative to accommodate the temperature in any situation, except the total rest section.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

Heating power for a small bathroom? Deficient. Power cord somewhat short. I would not buy it again.

It works great. It has to be in a flat position for its correct use, since for safety it has a button that turns off when it is released. Perfect for the bathroom.

It gets quite hot, even in a medium-sized room. The buttons are tactile and as soon as you lift it a little it turns off. It rotates about 90 degrees. It has a little leg that protrudes a little below that makes the entire heater rotate. It also works as a fan, something useful in summer. The handle to take it is quite small, and with long hands it becomes difficult to grasp. I'm very happy.

For the small thing that is quite warm and is not noisy at all. It is perfect for a bathroom.

It is small for the living room, but for the bathroom it is perfect and, in addition, it is swivel. Little force for a room.


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