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Viomi 3D Heating Steaming Baking Machine

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: VSO2802
  • What is it: Microwave and steam oven
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of Viomi 3D Heating Steaming Baking Machine

Today is the turn of the Viomi 3D Heating Steaming Baking Machine, the perfect smart microwave oven to perform any type of cooking in record time. When we receive the product, inside we will find a baking tray, a steam tray, a baking net, a recipe book, a steam port guide, a cooking glove, and, of course, the Viomi 3D Heating Steaming Baking Machine.

Its manufacturing is based on food grade 304 stainless steel lining, giving the product quality, durability, and resistance to temperature and corrosion. It has a one-piece metal handle and also a built-in illumination lamp. Usually, we have in mind that a power of between 700 and 800W is more than enough for a conventional oven, but this one has 2,100W to cook in a much faster way.

Its capacity is 28 liters, being able to cook for up to families of 5 members. In addition, its intelligent pre-programmed cooking system allows users to prepare delicious dishes at a professional level without hassle. It also features a pure steam mode with a maximum temperature of 115ºC that maintains the original flavor of the food.

For its part, the pure cooking mode reaches a maximum of 230ºC for heating by three-dimensional hot air circulation 360.

The display door is semi-transparent and built-in double-layer tempered glass to be able to observe at all times the cooking progress of our recipes. A total of 50 recipes, by the way, that come collected in a classic cookbook. Cook in a fast, simple and innovative way thanks to Viomi.

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5 reviews

I have used it for over half a year and now I am evaluating it. For me this machine is really excellent. You can see the steam cooking and I feel like it heats up faster than normal. Veggies take a long time though, and are obviously better in the microwave.

Is this from Xiaomi? It really is a super product.

I like. The appearance is simple and beautiful. The price-performance ratio is good. The product tries to use steam to the best of its ability. You can see the steam in the tank on the screen.

After I bought it, my family felt it was cheap and very easy to use, so they bought another one for three seniors at home.

It is simple and easy to use. The steam outlet is on the front and it is easy to get burned if you don't pay attention.


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