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Viomi 21 Face Smart Refrigerator

  • Brand: Viomi
  • Model: BCD-446WGLA / BCD-450WMLA
  • What is it: Smart refrigerator
  • Release date: July 2018
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Analysis of Viomi 21 Face Smart Refrigerator

The Viomi Smart Refrigerator 21face 4 doors is a modern kitchen appliance that provides efficient and reliable cooling, plus smart features that make life easier. It has a large capacity of 446 L in total, and a 3D cooling system that cools quickly, but without damaging food. It has a 21'' full HD screen that allows access to menus and instructions for cooking new dishes, listening to music, watching TV and shows, shopping and more. It also integrates 4 microphones to access a very practical intelligent voice control, which can be synchronized with other household devices. It has a herbal sterilization system to quell bad odors and provide greater food TVU.

Our visitors reviews

4 reviews

After a while of use, I have not seen any difference.

This filter is suitable only for Xiaomi refrigerators. I don't know how I can fix it in my refrigerator.

All good.

For now: good presentation.


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