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Unigrow B Duck Suitcase

  • Brand: Unigrow
  • Model: 020119W001
  • What is it: Suitcase to take children
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of Unigrow B Duck Suitcase

Suitcase designed to carry children. When opened, it becomes a trolley-like structure where children weighing less than 30 kg can sit comfortably. It is a suitcase with a generous capacity of 35 liters.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

There isn't even an instruction manual. Opening the suitcase when using the seat belt can harm the child, we should not skimp on paper ... The box is too soft, I will use it as a car with a hard shell ...

The baby likes it very much, and it is definitely not a problem to take the baby on a trip later. Thanks to the merchant for designing and producing this product.

Yes, the inside parts are really strong, the boxes are thin and light, and quality shouldn't be an issue. The price may be high but, after all, this type of suitcase is not cheap.

The child likes it very much and is satisfied with five stars. It would be nice if the center section of the lever can be locked!

This product, whether in: quality, material or style, is my favorite.