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Soocas X3

  • Brand: Soocas
  • Model: X3
  • What is it: Electric toothbrush
  • Release date: March 2017
  • Other names: Soocas X3 Electric Toothbrush, Soocas X3 Sonic
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193 x 240 x 240 mm
Battery capacity
1000 mAh
Battery life
Up to 25 days
Battery type
3.7 V
2 W
510 g
Body material
ABS / DuPont bristles
IP rating
General functions
Sonic Cleaning; Smart Wireless Charging; Custom Setup; Bluetooth Connectivity
White, Pink & Black
Charging time
16 hours
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Analysis of Soocas X3

A smart toothbrush that incorporates the Soocas logo on the body of the device. Its design is minimalist and recognizable, those who know the Xiaomi product line will be able to recognize this device without too much difficulty. It is available in two colors: black and white.

Its rotation can be limited to 37000 rpm, a more than sufficient number for a device of this type. On the other hand, it has a 1000 mAh battery that provides us with 16 hours of continuous operation or 25 days without passing through the charging base. This is a point in favor since it will not be necessary to incorporate in our travel bag this base unless the trip is very long. The most common will be that at the end of brushing we return to connect the device to its charger, which also acts as a base so that we do not have to keep it in any drawer at risk of unnecessary deterioration.

The Bluetooth connection allows pairing with the phone through the Mi Home App. From here we will be able to modify the brushing time, visualize information about the effectiveness of the last ones, etc. There are three different types of brush heads: small, medium, and large. To use it you can choose up to four operating modes, among which are the whitening and gum cleaning modes. The other two are the standard and sensitive teeth modes. Each brushing is set to last two minutes (can be changed from the App) and a notification will be issued every 30 seconds to change zones and dedicate the same amount of time to each one.

From the app there is an option to prevent splashing, which implies that the device will start working at low revolutions, progressively finishing at higher power. Spare parts can be purchased separately from the device, at the usual points of sale. Spare parts can be purchased separately from the device, at the usual points of sale.

Our visitors reviews

8 reviews

Great, a brush stroke.

Very good product. Quality at a very reasonable price.

It is easy to pair with the Xiaomi app, the only thing that in the app everything about the brush appears in Chinese.

The brush is very complete and of great quality, I recommend it

The brush is great, good finish, quality, good aesthetics, the pink one is super cool. The battery lasts for weeks, it's amazing !! Very happy with the purchase.

Most importantly, it is waterproof. The angled neck deeply cleans the area where common manual toothbrushes cannot reach. Suitable for daily cleaning. High density American Dupongt bristles. No rust, no metals, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is recommended to replace each brush head after three months.

It can remove bacterial plaque, reduce gum necrosis. The look of the 3D curved brush adapts to the radian of the teeth. The small and exquisite brush head is easy to touch inside the mouth. Adopting 0.152mm American Dupongt Tyner Classic fence, the brush is FDA approved and UV light sterilized.

Everything is quality, branded. Packaging at the highest level. The brush takes some getting used to, but it cleans up really well and quickly. I recommend it.


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