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Soocas H3S

  • Brand: Soocas
  • Model: H3S
  • What is it: Hair dryer
  • Release date: May 2018
  • Other names: Soocas H3, Negative Ion Quick Dry Hair Dryer
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243 x 158 x 75
600 g
1800 W
Speeds / Modes
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Analysis of Soocas H3S

First came electric toothbrushes with many varieties and of all possible types. Now the latest to join the party is the Soocas H3S, the new hair dryer with a negative ion system and a rotary suction with a power of 1,800W.

When we open the package, we find a storage bag, one head of use, the instruction manual, and, of course, the effective Soocas H3S. It has dimensions of 15.80 x 7.50 x 24.30 with a weight of 600 grams, which presents it as one of the most comfortable dryers in terms of use on the market.

It is built on a base of aluminum alloy and ABS, to give a premium and minimalist feel thanks to its attractive and elegant white color with red accents. Its body integrates a button to select between the three modes: diffuse heat, intense, and combed mode. To identify what mode we are in, we will only have to look at the LED lights.

This Soocas H3S is presented as a great competitor against other brands for its quality/price ratio, something very characteristic in the Asian continent.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

The dryer is very attractive and performs well.

When using it I realized that it is like any other normal hair dryer. It dries in the same time, makes the same noise, I have not seen an improvement in the frizz of my hair or, at least, that it reduced it, and that was the reason why I decided to buy it. I only emphasize that it does not heat up; that is, you use it and keep it, you don't wait for it to cool down to put it away. In short, it is a normal and current dryer, with very premium finishes and with a European plug and storage case. For the final price it has not been a very successful purchase. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it, unless it's for a gift.

I bought it for my girlfriend. She tends to dry her hair a lot. She is able to dry her hair as fast as high heat devices, without the strain and damage to hair that comes from using high heat blow dryers.

My wife is satisfied and emphasizes that her hair is straight and does not get damaged, therefore the technology used in this dryer does not cause problems. Constant temperature, ionization is at the highest level I recommend it!

All good. Very nice material and construction. It costs a bit expensive in my opinion.