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Senthmetic Shock Absorption Shoe Insole

  • Brand: Senthmetic
  • Model: PU18ZG001
  • What is it: Padded insoles
  • Release date: March 2018
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Analysis of Senthmetic Shock Absorption Shoe Insole

When buying footwear, in addition to aesthetics, we also tend to look for comfort and avoid shoes that make our feet suffer. Perhaps with this tool, we can make more comfortable some shoes that are not so comfortable. Yes, we are talking about an insole, the Senthmetic Shock Absorption Shoe Insole, with built-in shock-absorbing padding to facilitate any type of activity from walking to practice sports of great intensity.

Senthmetic is the brand that, through Xiaomi, has presented these excellent insoles that have a careful design and a construction based on natural materials. They are very light, so we will quickly get used to those extra centimeters of height without noticing absolutely anything. Yes, we will grow with them a total of 3.5 cm, making the legs visually longer.

Their cushioning properties offer the correct distribution of the load on the foot. Also, thanks to the combination of anti-slip silica gel and polyurethane coating, the insole will soothe any spinal problems.

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Very comfortable to wear, of good quality and quite cost-effective.

The product adheres to the philosophy of good sport and for good price, and is committed to providing high quality and technology lifestyle products.

The color is super pretty. The quality is also very good, completely consistent with the description.

As a support, the product is really good. Very high performance It is a trustworthy product!

The product is very profitable, although it is not necessarily the best. But for the price, I think the performance is fine.


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