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Redmi AirDots

  • Successor: Redmi Airdots 3
  • Brand: Redmi
  • Model: TWSEJ04LS
  • What is it: Wireless headphones
  • Release date: march 2019
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26 × 16 × 21 mm
Battery capacity
40 mAh x2
Box battery
300 mAh
Battery life
12 hours
Battery type
Lithium ion
4.1 g
Body material
Metal, Silicone, Polycarbonate
IP rating
General functions
Answering machine, Noise cancellation, Song switching, Sweat proof, Voice control
Bluetooth 5.0
Charging time
1 hour
16 ohms
Loading port
Box with Micro-USB
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Analysis of Redmi AirDots

Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives on the market to Apple's "not very accessible" AirPods, and we say not very accessible because not everyone is willing to invest almost 200 euros in headphones. Xiaomi has long specialized in offering great alternatives in terms of value for money, and with wireless headphones, it has not made an exception.

In this case, we have the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connections that have a radius of 10 meters apart. Its 40 mAh battery in each headset will provide the user with a range of 4 hours, and they can also be charged when they go inside the 300 mAh case in just 90 minutes. In addition to listening to music, we can also answer calls with clarity thanks to its built-in microphone and noise reduction system. The inside of the box includes three ear pads so that the user can use the one that best fits the size of their hearing cavity.

The Redmi Airdots are compatible with Google Assistants, Siri, or Bixby, an advantage more together with its size and lightness that makes it a product of the most outstanding in the market in relation to value for money.

Our opinion

Without a doubt the best option where Bluetooth in-ear headphones are concerned, practically the same as the Mi AirDots but with a lower price. Like the others, they do not have an aptX codec, but they still sound good and are more than reasonable in price.

Our visitors reviews

12 reviews

The headphones have excellent sound (see digital test) Excellent value for money!

Everything according to the description. Very well made headphones Super good sound quality!

They work great. I'm very happy

The headphones are fine, they sound perfect, but they don't say when they're charged or how much charge they have left. Nor does the battery last what the ad suggests, it lasts less than half what they say at half power.

They are pretty good. They meet the price they are worth. The only downside is that online games are played late, it is very difficult to play them. I also highlight how it is a problem that you cannot go through the song with the buttons on the headphones themselves, it is a relevant detail. Otherwise great, I only got a problem connecting, but otherwise fine. I bought others and returned them, but these I keep.

They are comfortable to wear and I prefer them to the ones with the stick-down shape. Sometimes it is difficult for them to link automatically, but it is solved quickly. Mine were mismatched with each other and it took me a few minutes to get them to. The sound quality is what has let me down the most. It came from using a 3.5 jack AKG that had a beastly sound quality. In this aspect these airdots are not even a rival, they sound much worse. But for the price they have and for the factor of being wireless it is very good. The box does not take up anything, you put it in your pocket and you don't even know about it. When you put them away they charge themselves and you never worry about running out of battery. For sporadic use in the gym, on the street, etc., they are perfect. To enjoy good audio at home or elsewhere.

I've tried quite a few Bluetooth headphones, and I don't usually like those without a cable because they often have trouble pairing. However, the timing of these headphones is PERFECT, and they've been great all week listening to music and videos with both one or both headphones simultaneously. Sound quality was a point that I was concerned about, but I have found headphones that exceed my expectations. They isolate noise very well, producing a feeling of surround sound. I have seen many headphones that guarantee 3 hours of autonomy, but they do not last even 1.5 hours, but these work 3 hours without problem! Overall, very happy with the product.

The design of the headphones is beautiful and very comfortable. It is very easy and intuitive to connect them to bluetooth devices. It's easy to switch songs, take calls, pause and resume music, etc. The sound quality is very good, highlighting here the quality of the bass. They can be very loud and do not distort the sound even if it is turned up to the maximum.

The headphones come in a very sleek black box, with the specs on the back and little else. I was surprised by the battery life is really good, also in the box they come with they can be charged and continue to use them. Its cargo box to carry with you is small and can be carried in your pocket without disturbing the least. They include silicone adapters for people who may need them. They are easy to link with the mobile and you can use them together the 2 or only one of them.

For the price they are, they are a luxury headphone.

The battery seemed very good to me. It has lasted me a week with two hours of daily use.

I have found other similar products from other brands that offer a better result. Therefore, I do not recommend it.


Best deal


This product is old and has been discontinued.

Instead we recommend: Redmi Airdots 3