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Redmi 1A Washing Machine

  • Brand: Redmi
  • Model: XQB80MJ101
  • What is it: Washer
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of Redmi 1A Washing Machine

Redmi automatic washing machine built in metal with a capacity of 8 kg, multiple modes, transparent lid and a power of 310 W. It has a touch panel on the top that allows you to choose between the different preset programs, next to this panel is a small display that indicates the remaining time for the completion of the washing program. Also appearing on the panel is a button for on/off and another to pause the program and start it.

This model does not incorporate WiFi connection, nor NFC or Bluetooth to be able to pair with home automation, something that is always important to mention since when we talk about Xiaomi (or Redmi, in this case), it is usual that it does incorporate this type of technology. At the time of writing this article (October 2019), it is only in Chinese (the touch panel carries information about the different programs, so this information is important when considering buying this product).

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

I really like that it's white. The shape is simple and generous, very good product. Whether you're washing or drying, the sound is not loud at all and there is no obvious shaking.

It's easy to use. The sound is much lower than other washing machines and that gives you an advantage: you can wash at night.

Simple and generous. The noise is very low, my whole family likes it.

Good performance. With the level of the water you can wash one or two pieces of clothing.

It works gloriously! First-hand automatic washing machine ... it's very quiet! Very good relation cost quality.


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