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Philips Desk Lamp 2

  • Brand: Mijia, Philips
  • Model: 9290012681
  • What is it: Desk lamp
  • Release date: august 2016
  • Other names: Eye Care 2, Eye Care Smart Lamp 2
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46.4 x 43.6 x 18 cm
1200 g
Color temperature
4000 K
1200 LM
General functions
Neutral light; Eye protection; Ambient light sensor; APP control.
Battery capacity
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Analysis of Philips Desk Lamp 2

It is a new desk lamp, in this case, a collaboration between the Asian giant Xiaomi and the Dutch Philips. The design will not leave anyone indifferent. It is the typical minimalist white desk lamp, but the detail of incorporating a flexible elbow makes it different from its direct competitors. The only downside that we found from Xiaomipedia to this new design is the inevitable fact that by folding the device so that it occupies the least possible space, the option of the mechanical elbow minimized this space. All in all, the appearance is more modern and differential. In the base, you can configure the different intensities of brightness. Another differential aspect is that it incorporates two LED lights. One on each face of the only piece that makes up the lamp. Thanks to the flexible elbow we can orient the lamp so that the two lights point in the same direction, or in opposite directions if we want to illuminate a whole room. We consider this aspect positive as it gives more options to use the device. As is usual in this type of device, it has a WiFi connection of a single band to be able to pair with our phone and make it work from there. We can check if the lamp is linked to our device thanks to the color code of the small LEDs on its base. It also incorporates a photosensitive sensor capable of automatically adjusting the brightness of the auxiliary light (let's call it that which is not usually seen in this type of device). At its base, it has non-slip rubbery pieces. Its maximum brightness is 1200 lm and the color temperature is 4000 K. Its weight is 1.2 kg and its dimensions 46.4 x 43.6 x 18 cm.

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