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Nusign Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

  • Brand: Nusign
  • Model: NSYP198
  • What is it: Desktop vacuum cleaner robot
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Other names: Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
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Analysis of Nusign Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The Nusign robot vacuum cleaner is a curious device designed to dust your desk or work table.

Due to the mobility, it requires moving freely, this little guy powers its suction motor that works at 360°, using two AA batteries. Its measurements are perfect for the task it performs: 60 mm high and 82 mm in diameter for a weight of 130 g. The problem is the noise: in a full task can generate up to 60 dB, which is equivalent to a dishwasher at full capacity (approximately).

At its bottom is housed the tank with brushes designed not to scratch surfaces. Its use is simple and intuitive: two buttons; one for cleaning and one to operate and turn off. It has sufficient suction power and there is no need to change the filter or require maintenance, beyond replacing the batteries and emptying the tank where it stores the dirt it collects.

The manufacturer's information states that it is capable of storing a quantity of 455 ml in its tank.

Our visitors reviews

9 reviews

The eraser under the desks was very difficult to clean. Now, with this suction, everything is easier It's worth it!

Good design. The best: it has a variety of modes to make cleaning easier. It is recommended.

It is a small vacuum cleaner, but with no small suction. Cleans very easily. Good for cleaning under desks.

It's a nice gadget, but unfortunately I forgot to include the fifth battery. Small dust under the desk has always been a problem and now finally there is one little thing to alleviate everything.

Good quality, good workmanship, stable performance, good speed, durability, beautiful appearance ... Great product!

Very good quality construction. Powerful motor. It looks awesome.

Two good quality working AA batteries (not included) help make it strong. But don't expect too much force.

Very well! Buy it for your workbench.

I was expecting more suction power, but clean enough.


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