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Ninebot Plus

  • Brand: Ninebot
  • Model: N4M340
  • What is it: Mini segway
  • Release date: 2017
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Analysis of Ninebot Plus

Plus version of the Ninebot Mini with new smart features such as the implementation of a 1080p camera and an increased autonomy up to 35 km (with 70 kg of load at a constant speed of 15 km/h).

It supports up to 100 kg of weight and the weight of the device is 3.5 kg with a charging time of its 12 batteries of 3.5 hours. The diameter of the two wheels is 28 cm, with a device width of 57.7 cm. The part where the feet rest is made of a non-slip plastic. The device features a power button, a small LCD panel, and some indicators.

It has different modes of operation: summon mode, tracking mode, and tilt mode. It includes a controller with a Home button, responsible for turning on the device, a button that locks and unlocks the device for operation, and a joystick.

Furthermore, it features an alarm to sound and vibrate the controller when someone tries to operate the device while locked. It also incorporates a camera that allows front recording, so you can use the device remotely (in the promotional video is used to carry a shopping bag and walk a small dog at the same time) thanks to the controller and the App that can be installed on our smartphone device.

Xiaomipedia recommends the responsible use of such devices, at all times respecting the traffic rules of the country in which we are.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

My child played with it, but it is not very user friendly. When I used the remote to enter the elevator there was a slight buzzing alarm. I do not know what it means.

Is a good product. The main disadvantages are: The ability to overcome obstacles is very poor. There is no emergency stop for the remote control and the whistle. The beginner lock speed is disgusting.

It is very convenient to go shopping for food. I have more peace of mind because the battery lasts longer. I have walked 35 kilometers and there are two grids to load.

It has very good balance. I bought it for my children and even I mounted it.

It's a lot of fun, but I recommend wearing protective gear.