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Nextool Lightning Safety Life Stick

  • Brand: Nextool
  • Model: 6061-T6
  • What is it: Multifunction flashlight
  • Release date: November 2020
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Analysis of Nextool Lightning Safety Life Stick

The Nextool brand offers for sale a device that we could classify as a survival one.

It integrates 6 functions:

  • Camera detector
  • Light and sound alarm
  • High voltage arc
  • Flashlight
  • Telescopic pole
  • Glass breaker

These are the 3 existing variants: travel, self-defense, and retractable.

But not all this is available in the same product, so they have created 3 variants with specific characteristics:

  1. Travel version: it has a light alarm and sound, camera detector, and flashlight.
  2. Self-defense version: this version eliminates the camera detection and adds the high-voltage arc.
  3. Retractable version: in this version we see the extendable pole, the glass breaker, and the high voltage arc.

The metal material used is wear-resistant and non-slip.

The flashlight has high brightness and a luminous capacity of 500 LM.

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If the same product has three variants, how do you know which one is ordered?

Usually sellers indicate it in the main order area.

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