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MITU Children Vacuum

  • Brand: MITU
  • What is it: Children's thermos
  • Release date: 2019
  • Other names: MITU Children Vacuum Mug / Cup, MITU Children´s Thermos Cup, MITU Children Vacuum Insulation Bottle Cup
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176 x 80 x 80 mm
435 ml
Temperature variation in 6 hours
Hot (95ºC) - 60ºC
Cool (4ºC) - 10ºC
Blue, Pink
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Analysis of MITU Children Vacuum

Children's thermos with a fun design in two finishes to choose from: blue and pink. It is capable of conserving temperatures for 6 hours and has a capacity of 450 ml.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

It is simple. I think the buckle is too small and easy for a child to break.

I found the texture to be excellent, although I am a little concerned about the buckle breaking.

The look is good, but I hope I can hold out a bit. Children don't use things like adults. I think it is better to buy a drop resistant thermos.

The quality is very good. The workmanship is ok and the kids like it very much.

If you ask me for a word to define this product I will tell you: Good. And if you ask me for two, I'll tell you: Very good! My son likes it very much. I have nothing bad to say about the quality. It's great from the lining to the outer shell.