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Mijia Smart Cat Eye

  • Brand: Mijia
  • Model: LSC-M01
  • What is it: Smart doorbell
  • Release date: January 2020
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Sight glass: 60 x 60 x 49.25 mm
Screen: 133.5 x 109 x 14.5 mm
Angular camera
Camera resolution
1280 x 720
Screen size
Screen resolution
480 x 854
6000 mAh
Maximum battery life
7 months
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Analysis of Mijia Smart Cat Eye

This intelligent sight glass comes to the market in January 2020 after almost a month of crowdfunding and has achieved more than 10,000 units sold in that period.

The sight is equipped with a wide-angle camera of 161º, with a resolution of 1280 x 720, infrared light for night vision of 940 nm, bell function, microphone, and speakers.

A PIR sensor is implanted in the camera, which together with the human detection algorithm, helps to avoid false warnings.

It also includes a protection system, by which, if someone tries to remove the sight glass, an acoustic alarm will be automatically activated.

On the other hand, we can find a 5" LCD IPS screen, with a resolution of 480 x 854, and which incorporates a 6000 mAh battery, with which it can reach an autonomy of up to 7 months in its saving mode, becoming the duration of 2.5 months in its normal mode.

Of course, this viewer can be linked to the app Mi Home, and from it, you can view the records, in real-time and access various settings.

Supports a 32 GB Micro SD card.

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1 reviews

In Spain it is useless

In Spain it has to be configured with the server in China, which makes connection difficult, and delays, if not difficult to use, to receive notifications and see what is happening in real time. My advice to potential Spanish buyers is not to buy it, it won't do them any good. There are other manufacturers that work in Spain, not so pretty, but they work. Pdta. The after-sales service was crap.


I live in Chile, South America and I cannot link the cell phone remotely from the device. Is it a server or application or smart cat eye problem? Thank you

In order to link this product with the Mi Home application, you must choose the China or Mainland China server.

Does anyone know how I connect the device to Mi Home? Since, this product is not in the list of products to add in the apk.

You have to put the Mi Home app with location in China. This product is currently only intended for that market, so it only works with the Chinese server. The app will continue in the language you have now, and it works without problems connected to the Chinese server. But if you have other devices connected to Mi Home with another server, it is possible that by changing the location, you cannot work with them.

The problem is that it does not link with Mi Home apk

To link it, you must locate the My Home server in Mainland China.

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