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Mijia LCD Blackboard

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: XMXHB01WC
  • What is it: Digital board
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Other names: LCD Digital drawing tablet
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Analysis of Mijia LCD Blackboard

In the summer of 2019 Xiaomi launches to the market a simple device, but that can be very useful. It is a digital whiteboard, Mijia LCD Blackboard, and presents in 2 sizes: 10" and 13.5".

With a minimalist style, this whiteboard can be an ally in many aspects, from assistant in commercial managements, notices and notes at home and, why not?

Made of ABS material, with careful details and finishes, such as rounded corners. Likewise, the screen has a customized liquid crystal formula, getting to emulate the stroke on paper.

The magnetic pen uses four neodymium magnets and an iron boron on the side, to keep it always close to the board without effort. In addition, thanks to the special LCD panel, with this pen we can create lines of different thicknesses, as the screen is pressure-sensitive. Another important fact is the absence of blue light and radiations that damage our eyesight, or those who may be more affected children, so there is no danger of excessive use in terms of eye health.

Its ease of use means that even the smallest children can use it over and over again without any problem, just by pressing a button, it will be erased and ready for the next creation.

Powered by a CR2025 button-type battery, it will have enough autonomy to operate for almost 1 year.

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