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Miiiw Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard nad Mouse Set Elite Serie


Product nameModel numberLaunchingWhat is it
Brand: Miiiw
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Product name Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard nad Mouse Set Elite Serie
Model number Teclado: MWXKT01
Mouse: MWXMM01
Logo Miiiw
Launching Febrero 2020
What is it Set de teclado y ratón


Dimensions Keyboard: 320.5 x 125.5 x 24.5 mm
Mouse: 110.5 x 60 x 28.3 mm
Weight Keyboard: 484.3 g
Mouse: 86.5 g
Keyboard type Membrane
Axle model
Number of keys 85
Conectivity Bluetooth; 2.4 GHz
Backlighting No
Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


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This is a set composed of a keyboard and mouse from the Miiiw brand, both from the Elite series.

The keyboard has an 85-key, round design, with a thickness of only 7.8 mm, with a frameless style that makes it really compact.

It supports both Bluetooth and USB connection.

It has a 750 mAh battery, which in standby mode can last almost a year, and with continuous use for about 2 weeks. To charge it incorporates a USB Type-C interface.

The most interesting thing about this keyboard is that it supports voice input. The HKUST Xunfei voice package is used for this purpose, so that various actions can be performed by simply pressing the voice function key.

As for the mouse, it also supports dual Bluetooth and USB connection.

It features a symmetrical design with non-slip texture.

The most relevant feature of this mouse is the incorporation of a small button on top with which you can raise the back of the same 10 mm, thus significantly improving its ergonomics.

It is equipped with a 1200 DPI laser optical sensor, which can work without problems on different surfaces such as fabric, chamois, wood, transparent glass and other materials.

The mouse battery has a 510 mAh capacity and uses a USB Type-C interface for charging. It has a maximum standby time of 1 year and can be used for approximately 15 days after only one hour of charging.

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