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Mi Water Purifier 600G

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: MR624
  • What is it: Water purifier
  • Release date: 2015
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Analysis of Mi Water Purifier 600G

Water purifier capable of filling a glass in 10.7 seconds. It has an output of 600G and can discharge 1.4 L/min in standard mode.

Our visitors reviews

10 reviews

Draw clear, sweet and appetizing water.

It works as described. You will not find any problem.

Delighted with the purchase. We really like the taste of water.

Meets your specifications, ease of installation and use. Control on mobile. The taste of the water is very good, as if it were a bottle of purchased water. Now I can use the water for cooking too. Could have a better price.

Very good purification. Filters last a long time. All necessary water installation material is included. The speed of purification is very good. Detailed information in the Mi Home application (filter conditions, fresh water quality, purified water quality and usage statistics). You need space for a second tap. The included valve has 1/2-inch connectors, you may need adapters to fit an existing water system. I still haven't found a supplier for the third filter unit. In my case, it will last two years, but a replacement part would be good. Manual and everything else is in Chinese.

Very good purification, durable filters, and all installation parts are included.

It meets all your specifications, is easy to install, and the water looks like it is bottled.

We love to drink water this way.

Awesome filter. Just what I was looking for.

It works very according to the description. Nothing to reproach.


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