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Mi Water Purifier 500G

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: MR532
  • What is it: Water purifier
  • Release date: 2015
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Analysis of Mi Water Purifier 500G

500-gallon smart home water purifier capable of alerting the user to filter replacement.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

The water is strong and the sound is not much.

I think the machine is bigger and heavier than expected. Installation is fast. The water feels smooth, it tastes good.

The product is very small and does not take up much space. The tap lamp is attractive. Monitor the water quality at any time.

Installation is very fast. It is of very high quality.

The noise of this product is not much. The water is fast and the taste is good. The app gives you the quality of the water in real time, and that is very convenient.