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Mi Simple Casual Backpack

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: XXB01LF
  • What is it: Backpack
  • Release date: August 2019
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Analysis of Mi Simple Casual Backpack

A backpack with an original design, with a marked and evident color contrast (at least in the yellow model). It has a capacity of 20 L and its dimensions are suitable for a 15.6" laptop.

It is made of material resistant to splashes and light rain. Not only that, but it also has quality materials in the shoulder straps area, being padded and breathable, as well as the rear area.

It has several pockets, one of them being almost invisible and is located in the back of the backpack, in the area that is attached to the back, which can be very useful for storing delicate things and/or we want to be safe.

Its total weight is 490 grams and is available in 4 colors in the upper half: black, yellow, gray, and blue.

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