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Mi Scale 1

  • Successor: Mi Scale 2
  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: XMTZC01HM
  • What is it: Weighing machine
  • Release date: 2015
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300 x 300 x 28.2 mm
1.9 kg
Tempered glass, ABS
Weight range
5 kg - 150 kg
Measurement units
Catties, Kilograms, Pounds
50 g
Error margin
5 kg - 50 kg: max. 0.1 kg / 50 kg - 100 kg: max. 0.2 kg
Battery type
4 AA batteries
Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Bluetooth 4.0
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Analysis of Mi Scale 1

The Mi Scale 1 is a smart scale that performs the same work as a traditional bathroom scale, but with an additional function of storing data in the cloud, in order to perform a series of analyzes to improve our weight. It is a square device with a glass top and curved corners. Its LED screen remains hidden under the glass until we get on it and will allow interaction from our smartphone with the Mi Fit application.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection and third-party applications such as MyFitnessPal or Apple HealthKit, we will be able to communicate our weight readings and establish routines and habits for improvement.

Our visitors reviews

15 reviews

The instructions are in Chinese, but you can easily find tutorials on YouTube. It has a good presentation and works wonderfully. It is still a digital scale that is synchronized with the Xiaomi application to keep track of your weight that you could also do with a paper and a pencil.

Elegant design and quality appearance. It also fulfills its task perfectly, it always synchronizes with the mobile the first time and I have used it with at least four different mobiles. If you weigh yourself without having the app open on your mobile, the next time you bring it to the scale and open the app, it synchronizes all pending weighings.

Perfect like almost everything from Xiaomi, being able to synchronize with several users. The bad thing that could have is the battery and not by the batteries. But otherwise it's great.

It is extremely convenient to weigh yourself and have the weight recorded directly in the Samsung Gear application on my mobile phone. This was the main reason why I bought this scale, and I must add that it is also very beautiful, very fine and works perfectly ... Delighted with my purchase!

I already have several Xiaomi items: smartphone, tablet, Mi Band and now I close the circle with the scale. Everything works with precision and synchronizes the weights detecting if it is someone else when there is a significant difference in weight. Perfect to help and motivate in a weight loss program, seeing the evolutions clearly and precisely through the mobile App. Recommended product. The but I have is the price, it seems too expensive.

It has been very difficult to configure with the phone, but once achieved it is perfect. The application could improve a lot, since it is very basic and not very intuitive. Otherwise, good scale.

It has been a bit difficult for me to synchronize it with my mobile, but nothing that YouTube does not fix in 10 minutes.

After a while of use, the scale begins to give problems and there is no way to reset or make it work again. Very low quality product.

It is very beautiful, it is very well finished, the timing is perfect and the batteries last a long time. I would give it five stars if it weren't because its main job, which is measuring weight, doesn't do it right. One time you can weigh 78.5 kilos and after a while 76.6 kilos. The error is quite repetitive.

Aesthetically nice scale, but weight measurement is a lottery. You can weigh yourself four times in a row and have five kilos of difference. I tested it on flat terrain and another where before another scale was.

The quality of the scale is spectacular. It comes very well presented, but instructions in Spanish are missing because it costs a bit to synchronize it. Otherwise it is very easy to use.

For now it does not work. I think it is a product that may have battery problems.

The truth is that I had read different opinions about it, but I think it works very well. If it is left in a very smooth place and does not move from there, it will always give the correct readings. And the synchronization with the application is very fast. It is not necessary to synchronize every day, it saves the weights for many days and when synchronizing it passes all the data. Good buy.

Excellent product from the Xiaomi house. It connects with the mobile automatically by bluetooth with the Mi Fit application, obtaining automatic weight readings by tracing the curves to see the evolution of your weight. Very useful for diets and daily weight control.

Nice design and the weight goes very well. Perfectly syncs with Mi Fit.


Best deal


This product is old and has been discontinued.

Instead we recommend: Mi Scale 2