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Mi Router 3C

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: R3L
  • What is it: Router
  • Release date: 2017
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195 x 107 x 25 mm
247 g
Body material
Optimal operating temperature
0 ℃ - 40 ℃
General functions
WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless access control, SSID Masquerading
802.11n (2.4GHz)
MediaTek MT7628N
Port types
2 x LAN port, 1 x RJ45 WAN port
16MB NorFlash
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Analysis of Mi Router 3C

The Mi Router 3C is the WiFi router with which we can forget about connection dead zones or drops. It has 4 high-performance antennas with which it achieves a greater operating range and a stronger signal than its predecessor.

This device has two Ethernet LAN ports (RJ-45) and a DC input jack. Its power consumption is 5W and withstands indoor temperatures, from 0ºC to 40ºC, living with humidity levels from 10 to 90%.

It also includes the classic reset button and AC adapter, both under an elegant design with a white finish with LED indicators. Its guts have a processor more than enough to perform its task, it is the MediaTek MT7628N, with automatic channel selection and software in English.

All this will make this Mi Router 3C the perfect weapon to run, at the same time, online games at low latency, smooth video streaming, and smooth navigation, although we can say that it is also one of the least recommended of this series 3.

Our visitors reviews

11 reviews

The router is very well processed and of good quality. The management of the application has been developed without problems. It has many configuration options. I recommend it.

Quick and easy installation. I tested the distance from my home and had a good speed, even 20 meters from the device. I tested eight devices that worked online and everything was fine. I highly recommend it, as its price is good for the resistance it has.

I managed to use many WiFi routers from various manufacturers ... Why did I choose this particular one? It works at two bands 2.4 and 5 GHz, it has four antennas, the appearance is elegant and of compact dimensions. Of course it's Xiaomi and it has a European plug, setup is easy, and support management through mobile apps is incredibly convenient. You do not need to access the settings through the browser on your PC.

This pipeline is perfect. The signal of the WiFi network is strong and the application to control the router is perfect (iPhone and iPad). You can plan the programming for WiFi activation and access the parameters from anywhere with your phone and the cellular connection with the Xiaomi cloud. It is very small and thin, I really like its design. You can view and control all the devices on your network with the app.

After looking for a better value router, I settled on a Xiaomi. I am positively surprised by this router. WiFi coverage is excellent. The My WiFi app is pretty good with settings. The bandwidth is stable, both LAN and WiFi. In summary. This is the best router that you will find in this price range.

We bought it to hide the Ono-Vodafone router in a closet that had us bitter since its installation. Even hiring more megabytes, the speed was 5% and we didn't even talk about charging. The micro-cuts or cuts were almost daily, watching streaming TV was a difficult and exasperating task. Installing the Xiaomi router is an extreme change, we improve the quality by 80% and the Wi-Fi signal to 90% in almost the entire house (in the router area it is 100%) and in load it meets the standard of 5% as contracted. The model is the most basic of Xiaomi. The router's design exceeded expectations, it is beautiful, light, small, does not overheat, it is easy to install and configure. It works perfectly and integrates well into the design of our house.

A router of the heap, I do not see anything that makes it more recommended than a TP-Link. Like all, it is better to configure it manually from IP. Incredible how intrusive the mobile application is (not necessary), more demanding than a spouse with pathological insecurity.

You download the Xiaomi app and the router practically configures itself. Then entering the router's website you can change things if you want. Initially it is configured as a switch, but there are two other options that you can change from the router's website. Very happy with the purchase.

Of the 100 megabytes we have contracted, being close to the router, you can get about 30, if you go a few meters away and you are lucky you get about 10 megabytes, I do not understand why so much antenna if as soon as you move away the connection does not maintains quality. We also tried the other model, the 3G, and this one still gets a worse connection although it should be the other way around, since it creates 5G WiFi, but nothing. Very disappointed.

Installs easily and without problems. I have it connected to the Movistar router that acts as a bridge and the signal has improved a lot. Highly recommended.

We'll see the durability, but I don't like it at the moment. Complicated configuration and I can't find the option to schedule the WiFi time, something I've done in all the ones I've had so far.


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