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Mi Robot Builder Rover

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: JMJQR03IQI
  • What is it: Robotic toy
  • Release date: 2017
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Analysis of Mi Robot Builder Rover

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover is a robot built in blocks simulating the famous LEGO, differentiating itself by having a management technology through our smartphone. It not only serves to conquer children but also adults with a child's soul. Inside your package includes two motors, a smart brick, the storage box, an adapter, mounting blocks, instructions, and of course the Builder Rover.

This gadget will unleash all our creativity with its 1086 pieces so that between gears, chains, and shafts we can create as many figures as we want. The entire product is made of ecological, safe, and resistant plastic.

For connection via Smartphone, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Thanks to its 32-bit Cortex MX processor, you can receive these orders via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. In addition, its 1650 mAh battery will provide a range of 12 hours.

Our visitors reviews

4 reviews

Of good quality. You can tell that they can play with it for several years.

The programming application should never be used in the Huawei market to download. The product is very good, my son likes it.

The product is recommended for the intellectual development of the child.

The boy liked it a lot, although when I installed it I used a lot of energy.