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Mi Rabbit Mini

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: GSJ02JQD
  • What is it: Bluetooth speaker
  • Release date: 2018
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Analysis of Mi Rabbit Mini

Smart toy available in blue and pink colors. It has a Bluetooth speaker, is oriented to children under 6 years old and its construction is based on durable ABS plastics. The device can connect to a database via WiFi with more than 350 resources. In addition to that, it includes 16 GB of free storage to insert books or content playable through its speaker, or download content from the computer thanks to its USB connection. The database is only in Chinese as of October 2019. Its ears light up in different colors (purple, blue, pink, and red) to keep the little one attentive to the readings, changing through an internal pattern.

The materials are inert, so there is no risk of children getting intoxicated or acquiring any ailments due to the device, as well as being bite-resistant. It has a white noise mode that will help put the little ones in the house to sleep.

Its dimensions are 100.5 x 90.0 x 140.0 mm. Its battery is 800 mAh, and it weighs 290 g.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

Good quality of materials, it shows by its weight. It is of good quality, like everything Xiaomi does. It has lights in the central star. It is very beautiful and I love it. It does not bring a cable or charger, it would be very nice to have a cable and charger. The sound is a bit canned, but it sounds pretty good to me for the cost, so I don't see it as a cons.

Very loud and clear sound. Excellent build quality and it is very adorable. Charging takes four to five hours. Short bluetooth range and road obstacles are a problem. There is no 3.5mm port. The white color is prone to getting dirty.

Good sound quality. It has an SD card slot which allows you to listen to your saved music. It has a button to skip songs and increase or decrease the volume. The sound is good, but a normal snare has better bass and treble. But it's still fantastic.

I loved the device. The sound is very good and quite strong for its size. It connects quickly to the phone and when connected to bluetooth once it will continue to connect automatically. I recommend this purchase 100%. I have no criticism.

Xiaomi's quality is always top-notch, it's premium. This thing is so strong you feel like you can use it as a nutcracker. The sound quality is very good. It has a good base and the highs are not too silly or distorted. It is an addictive product for children. I would recommend this product to anyone. It is great value for money.


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