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Mi Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Version


Product nameModel numberLaunchingWhat is it
Brand: Mi
Product name Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Version
Launching 2019
Logo Mi
Recommended purchase? Recomendado
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Variations Switch rojo y switch azul
Model number HZJP01YM (switch rojo), QZJP01YM (switch azul)
What is it Teclado mecánico


Medidas 436 x 127 x 33 mm
Peso 900 g
Tipo de teclado Mecánico
Modelo de eje Cherry eje rojo
Cherry eje azul
Número de teclas 104
Conectividad USB 2.0
Compatibilidad Windows


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Mechanical keyboard without backlighting that consists of a total of 104 keys with USB connection cable type A for the gamer public. The keystroke is really satisfying and comfortable along with its elegant matte black design. It houses a 32-bit ARM Master MCU processor.

There are two versions: one with a red switch and a slightly more expensive one with a blue switch. The keys are constructed in a way that forms an arc between them to improve ergonomics when typing or playing for several hours. This keyboard does not include the letter Ñ and has the American keyboard layout, with capital and number lock, as well as a dedicated Windows key. The switches are Cherry, which is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality for the device.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and weighs 900 g. Its dimensions are 436 x 127 x 33 mm.

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