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Mi Gaming Keyboard


Product nameModel numberLaunchingWhat is it
Brand: Mi
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Product name Gaming Keyboard
Model number YXJP01YM
Launching 2018
Logo Mi
What is it Teclado mecánico gaming


Dimensions 440 x 133 x 40 mm
Weight 1100 g
Keyboard type Mechanical
Axis model TTC red axis
Key number 104
Connectivity USB 2.0
Backlighting RGB
Compatibility Windows


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The Mi Gaming Keyboard is the only keyboard exclusively designed for PC gamers, one of the most important peripherals for this sector of gaming users. This new model includes mechanical switches with programmable RGB LED lighting.

The switches used by this keyboard have a 3 mm operating travel. As for its construction, the upper part is covered with a metal sheet made of an anodized aluminium alloy with a sandblasted and brushed finish, to give it a special texture to the touch. The feet will allow you to change the inclination of the device between two heights in addition to the flat mode for the best gaming experience.

The device’s internal processor is a 32-bit ARM. Part of the keyboard (the most used for players) allows the multi-tap function, that is, it is not necessary to wait for a keystroke to finish before the device executes the next command, but within those 33 keys multiple commands can be sent simultaneously.

It is a wired keyboard of 785 g. Its dimensions are 440 x 131 x 40mm. At the time of writing (October 2019) only the American layout of the keyboard is available.

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