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Mi Electric Toothbrush

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: DDYS01SKS
  • What is it: Toothbrush
  • Release date: 2017
  • Other names: Electric Toothbrush T500
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187.5 x 28.5 mm
Battery capacity
700 mAh
Battery life
Up to 18 days
Battery type
3.7 V
2 W
110.51 g
Body material
ABS / DuPont bristles
IP rating
General functions
High efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor; High density, anti-corrosion and metal-free head; Multiple customized modes
Charging time
12 hours
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Analysis of Mi Electric Toothbrush

It is hardly necessary to mention the importance of oral hygiene for people and the help that electric toothbrushes provide in our daily lives. Today we are looking at the first 100% Xiaomi toothbrush that goes on sale to the public. It is the Mi Electric Toothbrush.

The design continues with the lines clearly marked towards elegance and minimalism, with 4 LEDs on the front that will allow us to establish different modes (soft, strong, or custom) and to know the status of the battery. The rear part has a non-slip and the lower part is reserved to place it on its charging base. Perhaps it can be something big and not very ergonomic in the hand, but, when operating with vibrations, it does not drag the dirt, but it is expelled. In addition, thanks to its timer, every 30 seconds it will notify us to change its position and brush another area of the mouth.

The Mi Electric Toothbrush offers 31,000 revolutions per minute, with IPX7 protection and a 700 mAh battery. Like any other device from the Chinese giant, we can use the Mi Home application and its Bluetooth connection to download the plugin in Spanish and interact with one of the best electric toothbrushes on the market in terms of quality and price.

This first model has been replaced by the one now called Mi Electric Toothbrush T500.

Our visitors reviews

9 reviews

Everything works like clockwork ... I really like the brush!

Xiaomi is always at the top. The instructions can be read even in Russian.

The toothbrush is amazing. A super complete product. Leaves teeth very clean.

The toothbrush taps against the teeth making lots of bubbles that should remove the tartar. There are many adjustments to use it, but I am satisfied with the purchase. My mouth feels cleaner, over time I expect a lighter shade from my teeth.

The product is packed in a vacuum bag, that gives peace of mind.

The battery comes fully charged, usb charging, nozzles, two extra color rings, sometimes it comes with English manual. By QR code in the manual I install the application, which is in several languages. Wonderful product.

Very good quality at a very good price.

The quality is good, but the replacement heads are too expensive and well ... It is understandable. This is the case with most electric toothbrushes. The gums tickle, they clean very well.

At first, it doesn't make brushing your teeth any more pleasant, but after three or four times you get the hang of it. Original quality.