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Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C

  • Brand: Mi
  • Model: BRE02JY
  • What is it: Ceramic in-ear headphones with Type-C port
  • Release date: september 2018
  • Other names: Mi Half In-Ear Type-C
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120 x 35 x 25 mm
12.8 g
Body material
Metal, Silicone, Polycarbonate
IP rating
General functions
Answering machine, Song change
Black and Gold
USB Type-C
32 ohms
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Analysis of Mi Dual Driver Earphones Type-C

We continue to analyze headphones, once again we have others of the high range, it is the Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones (Type-C), which provide excellent audio quality, honoring the experts in "Hi-Res Audio". We can buy them in black and white with very elegant and ergonomic metal construction.

Inside its box there will be no surprise, we will see the earphones perfectly embedded in their cavities while the rest of the cable and the microphone with the control buttons will be below along with a small guide in English.

These headphones weigh 14 grams combined with an exceptional shape and size to fit any type of ear. To increase that comfortable feeling, the Chinese firm includes the polished porcelain earphone with a "half ear" design, making, among other things, our eardrum withstand some pressure for a long time.

These headphones are equipped with an electromechanical silicon MEMS microphone, which provides excellent voice transmission and protection against extraneous noise, improving your system over previous generations. Its three buttons allow you to answer calls, play/pause music and raise/lower volume.

These headphones signed by Xiaomi opt for stereo sound technology and a dual sound creation system that works through a dynamic bass coil and a ceramic speaker for high-frequency sounds. Without a doubt, a feature that places these headphones several steps above the 5-10 euros.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

Very satisfied with the sound and they look good. They are a bit difficult to plug in and take out.

The sound is good, but it doesn't feel tight in my ears. The volume buttons are not very tactile.

They work well with my MIX 2. They are very comfortable. Good and strong sound. They have a microphone for calls and three buttons (play, stop, next or previous song, volume). Thanks for this product.

I think it is an original product. The bass is not impressive, however when I use EQ I have exactly what I wanted and the bass has improved. It is important that it is well positioned in the ear, otherwise you will not get that noise canceling feeling. But ultimately I am happy.

The sound quality is intermediate. They are the same as the descriptions.


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