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Jiqidao Smart Blackboard

  • Brand: Jiqidao
  • Model: XHB01JQD
  • What is it: Children electronic whiteboard
  • Release date: June 2019
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Analysis of Jiqidao Smart Blackboard

Electronic blackboard for children with a 13.5-inch LCD screen, available in blue and pink. Its dimensions are 300 x 230 x 7.8 mm for a total weight of 360 grams.

The writing area is made of mixed liquid crystal polymer material, which is also sensitive to the pressure exerted by the pen, thus creating different thicknesses in the traces.

Being a product specially designed for the youngest in the house, the company ensures that there are no problems of eye fatigue caused by screen light, as it is based on natural light.

It uses a CR2032 button cell battery.

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

Sophisticated and practical, with a moderate price. The product is very well presented.

Lightweight, feels good, clear handwriting and pressure sensing. The drawing board is very good, very fun. Children like it and adults like it too. Other brands have magnets behind them. I don't know if there are patents. I think it is a good buy.

It works very well. The screen is big, the writing is smooth, and the kids learn to write and draw super.

The product is very good, but the size is too small. A version twice as large would be fine.

My daughter likes it very much. The board is too big for me. The quality is good.


Do the drawings stay on the board for how long, without being erased manually?

Until it turns off or runs out of power.

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