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Dreame V9

  • Brand: Dreame
  • Model: V9
  • What is it: Vaccum cleaner
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Other names: Dreame V9P (versión internacional)
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1150 x 260 x 225 mm
1.5 kg
20000 Pa
Dust capacity
500 ml
25.2 v
Battery life
60 minutes
Battery capacity
2500 mAh
68 dB
General functions
High efficiency HEPA filtration; 3 levels of suction; Up to 60 minutes run time; Soft roller cleaning head; Electric dust mite cleaning head; Dust brush + crevice tool; Hygienic container emptying; Wall loading dock; Dusting brush + crevice tool; Hygienic container emptying; Wall loading dock
Charging time
3.5 hours
Space 3.0 (100000 rpm)
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Analysis of Dreame V9

All-around cordless vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning on any surface with a weight of only 1.5 kg. It incorporates HEPA filtration technology, a power of 400 W and an autonomy of 60 minutes in battery saving mode, more than enough time to vacuum large homes. In standard and maximum power modes, the battery life is reduced to 28 and 9 minutes, respectively.

Its five-pleated brush can capture dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size. In full power mode it reaches up to 100000 rpm, with a response time to ignition of 0.3 seconds. Its suction power is equivalent to 20 kPa of pressure. The system for changing accessories is reduced to just pressing a button, removing the previously installed accessory and adding the one you want to use at that moment.

It includes a charging base that is nailed to the wall with the help of screws. The full charge time is 3 hours, although this won't be a problem since the charging base serves as a stand for the vacuum cleaner. The noise is quite low at 67 db. The dust tank has a capacity of half a liter. Its dimensions are 60 x 22 x 23 cm.

Our visitors reviews

10 reviews

It has adequate suction even to remove mites from mattresses. With this vacuum cleaner you save time and effort every day.

It's not light to me, but it does have a great cleaning power and makes little noise.

The noise is very slight. It is suitable for general cleaning. It is very profitable.

It is a high-end product. It has a great suction power and meets all my expectations.

I bought this vacuum during the house renovation. It was very useful in the initial stage. It was easy to clean. The price is very tempting, the features are rich, and the charging is convenient. I can not live without her. My only downside is that I can't clean the vacuum; I dare not disassemble it myself.

I love. Spare parts are very convenient. The suction is divided into two functions. It is very sensitive. Dust cleaning is good. It can be used in everything you want to do. It makes your life a little bit simpler.

Very cool! Lighter than the Dyson despite being the same size. Excellent suction. Good cleaning when disassembling.

The suction is strong and effective enough. With this robot you will have a perfect cleaning of the home.

Not bad! Simple, textured. The suction of the vacuum is quite strong. The key is that the battery lasts long too.

This vacuum is amazing. It is assembled and tested immediately after opening the box. It has weight, and the quality of workmanship can be felt, the suction effect is very good.


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