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Beebest Walkie Talkie

  • Brand: Beebest
  • Model: BE501
  • What is it: Bluetooth headset
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of Beebest Walkie Talkie

The Beebest Walkie Talkie is a hands-free headset of small dimensions with a weight of only 13 grams. Its construction is based on environmentally friendly and comfortable materials such as silicone to provide greater ergonomics. In addition, the headset has an adjustable angle to adapt it to either ear.

In its package we find the headset itself and, like some multimedia devices, three pads of different sizes to use the one that best fits our ear cavity. Also, in its vibration ring, we will find the three interaction buttons that will serve us to turn it on, turn it off, play with the volume, and answer or hang up calls.

Under its exquisite appearance, it hides audio cancellation technology to obtain a clearer sound and Bluetooth 4.2 that will allow us to connect a device that is up to 10 meters away. In addition, its battery gives more than enough autonomy of 125 hours.

Our visitors reviews

8 reviews

It can also be linked to the phone, which is always good.

Put a lot of use to it! You can listen to songs. The wireless connection is very easy to use, very practical.

Not bad. It's a bit big and for small ears like mine, it makes the whole thing feel awkward. The wireless design is a bright spot.

The connection is very fast, and the waiting time is good too. The sound is a bit low, otherwise I am quite satisfied.

It is very easy to operate, and the sound is very clean!

The headphones are very good and include PPT (Push to Talk) support.

It does not support button control. For me it is not recommended.

I do not recommend it. It fails a lot.


Single earphone comes, is that what I understand from the description?


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