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Beebest Ultrathin Charging Lighter

  • Brand: Beebest
  • Model: L101
  • What is it: Lighter
  • Release date: November 2019
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Analysis of Beebest Ultrathin Charging Lighter

It is an electric lighter built with a zinc alloy that makes it resistant and durable. It has a size of 80 x 24.8 x 8.45 mm and a weight of 48 grams.

The ignition part is made of chrome and aluminum electric heating wire imported from Germany. This makes it highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion while offering longer life and stability compared to ordinary heating wire.

The operation is simple: lift the lid, place your finger on the logo to turn on, and touch again to cut off the heating. If the lid is closed it will never turn on.

It is powered by a 200 mAh lithium battery, giving an average autonomy of 7 days. The charging interface is Micro-USB.

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