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Beebest Polar Bee

  • Brand: Beebest
  • Model: FZ101
  • What is it: Lantern
  • Release date: July 2019
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141 x 28 mm
158 g
500 LM - 1000 LM
2600 mAh
Battery life (Max / Min)
40H - 10H
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Analysis of Beebest Polar Bee

It is a small flashlight of 1000 lm of power, with 3 intensity modes that are controlled by a physical button on the body of the device (in addition to a flashing light mode and another of SOS pulses in Morse). A very interesting feature of this device is the variable angle. That is, the head of the device can be adjusted with some flexibility to obtain a more or less collimated beam of light, it is not something that is always allowed in usual flashlights.

It includes a small strap to hook on the wrist and a 2600 mAh battery that charges via USB Type-C. A head is also included to use as a lamp instead of as a flashlight, although given its size the usefulness will be limited in this regard. Another interesting feature is that the back is magnetized, so it can adhere to almost any metal. Its dimensions are 141 x 28 mm and its weight is not detailed, it supports a load of up to 10 W of power.

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