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Beebest Induction Flashlight

  • Brand: Beebest
  • Model: F2
  • What is it: Multifunction flashlight
  • Release date: December 2019
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152.3 x 44.3 mm
131.9 g
160 LM - 250 LM
3 AAA batteries
Battery life (max / min)
3H - 2H
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Analysis of Beebest Induction Flashlight

A small flashlight, with a curved body design to improve grip while providing an elegant style.

The material used for its finish is an aluminum alloy that gives it lightness and strength.

The most remarkable thing about this flashlight is its ability to detect what position it is in, differentiating vertical from horizontal.

When it is horizontal, its front lamp lights up, like a normal flashlight.

But when it is vertical, the main light turns off to turn on a sidelight, acting as a mini flare, with an illumination that covers the entire nearby environment.

Powered with 3 AAA batteries it has a maximum duration of 3 hours


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