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90FUN Box Travel Suitcase

  • Brand: 90FUN
  • What is it: Bag
  • Release date: 2019
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Analysis of 90FUN Box Travel Suitcase

This suitcase enters the market in May 2019, with better finishes, more resistant and with double password lock, also universal TSA.

It is available in 4 colors (white, pink, dark blue, black) and 2 sizes:

- 20": 39 x 21.8 x 57.5 cm / 3.35kg weight / 36L capacity

- 24": 46.9 x 26.4 x 69 cm / 4.6kg weight / 61L capacity

Our visitors reviews

5 reviews

The suitcase is very convenient and the price is not bad. The non-slip grainy surface is very effective. It is outstanding.

The design is simple and elegant, especially the frame, which is very similar to the design compared to the general suitcase. Light weight and fine workmanship. I always trust Xiaomi.

The quality is very good, the wheels are too soft, comfortable, the box is very light. I like very much.

The suitcase is really good. Material and design according to my requirements. The lock design is also very smart, no zipper, more concise.

I like very much. Good mobility, good quality, simple and generous color. Awesome.


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